About us

Master link couriers have become second to none global entity with country wide coverage and in the great lakes region through strategic alliance with master piece in Kenya. We are steadily moving to become the largest privately owned messenger/ delivery service provider in the country with a team of dedicated friendly professional with various levels of expertise and vast resources which have become known as a one stop shop solution for distribution transportation and delivery both locally and the great lakes region.

Master link express is the premier provider of local logistic solutions was talented people take service to higher level. By master mastering the smallest details, we provide our clients with excellence in every aspect of their business transactions.


To provide fast delivery expertise and experience to local and international clientele.


To provide fast delivery with emphasis on local distribution ,transportation and supply chain expertise. Our goal is to master the art of time so that it manifests its self at the right line in the right place.

This skill will naturally save our clients time and money, providing yet another powerful tool to allow them to succeed.

  • Delivering to satisfy our customers
  • Building trust in our customers
  • Fulfilling our promises and obligations
  • Working and caring for our customers


To be the best logistical solution provider ensuring top class services at competitive tariffs.

To create opportunity not only to us but also helping to develop companies and enterprenuers in our industry by exposing their strength to clients who they would not normally give the client solution regarding their logistical needs. This paves way to focus on what is truly important at the bottom line, we learned a long time ago that the phrase “time is money has been replaced with timing is costly”

To provide one logistical solution in all forms of freight movements and distribution committedto customer service and satisfaction as our number one priority.

To provide the very highest level of information services relating to transporting of documents and parcels as we shall always on a daily basis listen to our clients and respond .